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Karenina's reversible cerulean and gray scarf

Image of Karenina's reversible cerulean and gray scarf


Cerulean yarns travel across one side of this wide gray scarf, while navy creates squares on the reverse. Made on an 8-shaft loom in Brooklyn, the cotton and tencel give drape while the wools keep this scarf winter-ready. Perfect for an early morning train ride through the last snowfall of the season.

40% wool 20% merino 20% tencel 20% cotton
9.75" x 75" (24.76cm x 90.5cm)

Hand wash in cool water with gentle detergent. Hang dry.

Feel free to contact me for more information, or any questions.


Weaving is about Texture. Structure. Architecture. Each warp and weft is woven deliberately. This structural endeavor has tactile purpose: to create touchable, wearable, functional cloth for a multitude of uses.

Natural materials are preferred for their innate properties like warmth, longevity and compost-ability.